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News Alert:The Wood County Sheriff Evicts Keith Sadler


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Elizabeth Warren: Time To 'Sober Up' On Mortgage Foreclosures

Obama administration to attempt internet takeover !- Bob Latta

Potluck for the People come support Keith Sadler battle with the bank!

Well we survived a close call today and spirits are running high! So in celebration we've decided to throw a party! This Friday May 7th we're having a potluck dinner between 6:00PM to 7:00PM come join us bring a dish to share. We are looking for former home owners who have gone thought the heart break of foreclosure.

You're the new TPS Superintendent. Which high school do you close?

3% (3 votes)
80% (93 votes)

News Alert:The Keith Sadler 12:30PM eviction ongoing!

The Keith Sadler eviction is underway. Electrical service has been cut from the house. Repeat service has been cut in an attempt to quiet the ever growing media frenzy associated with this. The Wood county Sheriff of Nottingham has not, I repeat, has not attempted entry of the long time home owner.

Ernie Harwell dies at 92

Friends Don't Let Friends Write E-Mails

I don't know wolfman personally but receive occassional e-mails from him, and of course see his posts on here and elsewhere. I'm used to his disjointed rantings on various topics and ignore most of them but lately he seems to be reaching a breaking point of some sort.

Who will you vote for?

Sound off who you are planning on voting for or who you want others to vote for or vote against-include issues also.

Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank issues false money appeal !

This was in the form of a mass mailing in today's mailstream. It is signed by Toledo Northwestern food bank president James Caldwell. They claim to need money to distribute food collected in the May 8 ' Stamp out Hunger ' letter carrier food drive .