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Toledo Blade to publish from stolen LCRP Chair notebook

Jeff Simpson Announced that He, and Others, Have been Approached by a Blade Reporter in Possession of Simpson’s Notebook filled with Confidential Republican Information.
Jeff Simpson, the Lucas County Republican Party Chairman, announced that he regretted that names of innocent people might be published in the Toledo Blade in an upcoming story.

have you completed your Census form and mailed it in?

BLATANT MEDIA ALERT- LCRP Head Jeff Simpson On WSPD Thursday MornIng

According to a release this afternoon a Blade reporter has approached Jeff Simpson with information taken from Mr. Simpson's personal notebook which went missing after a Young Republican meeting in February. The notebook was delivered to Tom Troy of the Blade. Simpson met with Troy and asked for the return of his property. So far only copies of certain notes have been returned.

This aint no tea party....

Local Mobile Food Pantry in Need of Tow Vehicle

TOLEDO, Ohio–April 6, 2010–Food For Thought, a local nonprofit group that helps feed the area's less fortunate, is without for a tow vehicle for their mobile pantry. The organization’s current vehicle is in need of excessive repairs again and they are searching for a replacement vehicle.

Toledos delimna

Toledo's median income is $34,000. The average citizens wage is $18,804. Cost of TPS and City Budgets $660 million or $5562 per household based on 2008 population of 293,000. As you can see the cost of Toledo's services is out of wack. The citizens cannot afford anymore taxes. Most of the city workers make twice as much as the average citizen. Something needs to happen to change this.

With houses underwater... has anyone else had a hard time switching house ins. companies?

Our house insurance went up again.. and this is before I add on the lovely flood insurance I have to carry. So I started calling around to get rates but the three companies I put our info online said that they would not write a policy due to replacement costs being so much higher than the homes value. So very frustrated right now.

Tell me agin why I live in Toledo......

Once Again, Fishing in Great Lakes Nearing End-This Time Blame Asian Carp

Once again, fishing in the Great Lakes is facing extinction-this time due to Asian Carp. How long has this been going on, life as we know it around Lake Erie is coming to another end? When I was a kid, the stories were that regular carp(introduced 100+years ago)where causing the destruction of the sport fishing industry, as well as the commercial fishing industry.

'It is......SATAN?????'

Group Wants Digital Billboards Off Ohio Hiqhways ~LITTER ON A STICK~