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Will He Finish This Job?

I'm just curious. Since Ben Krompak didn't finish high school, and didn't finish college, what faith can we put in his ability to finish anything he starts as a commissioner? I can only imagine what a Blade editorial might say about a Republican or Independent candidate with these credentials.

The case against the Libertarian demand for deregulation.

Money sent across the pond???

Not a crusade or even a gripe. Just a reminder: To those 8000+ seat holders who crammed a butt-load of cash into Sir Elton John's traveling G-string tonight. Every night and all over this city, professional musicians sit down to play. They work, eat, sleep, shop, and send their kids to school here. Your money - spent in the bars, lounges and concert halls - stays here. Just sayin :-)

GM Prez - Hiring could begin soon

General Motors Co. could start hiring lower-paid hourly workers soon, as the automaker struggles to produce enough popular new vehicles, President Mark Reuss said today.

Under the terms of the United Auto Workers collective bargaining agreement reached in 2007, new hires receive $14 an hour and less-generous benefits than veteran workers.

What party will you declare at the polls in the May 4 primary?

Interesting Correlation Between Apple/Gizmodo and Blade/Simpson

As most everyone probably knows by now, the tech Website Gizmodo was on the recieving end of a lost iPhone 4. After playing with it for a while, they posted picks in assumption it was Apple's, but skepticism abounded. Gizmodo got it from some guy who found it in a bar, and according to Gizmodo, the finders had tried to let Apple know what they found,. but were blown off.

AFSCME members approve agreement- passing the buck again !

Who else in the real world only pays 3 % toward their pension? In 2011 , the taxpayers go back to 10% pick up !

Toledo is a joke get out as soon as you can

These concessions the TPA are taking if you can call them that are a joke. The city employees make twice as much as the citizens in the public sector not including their lavish benefits. There are no concessions just delays in getting their take. If you got a job in the private sector and live in Toledo you are an idiot if you stay.

Photojournalism Ethics: Pathos and Fakery

In a truly righteous world (a world where bankers go to jail, American Idol isn’t fixed, and Thomas Friedman buys a thesaurus), photography in news publications would serve only two purposes: either to draw attention to a printed story, or to illuminate and bring impact to the written word.

Lucas County Commissioner Primary Debate for the Democrats

Start: 2010-04-19 6:30 pm
Start: 2010-04-19 6:30 pm

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