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The private sector has downsized its pay & benefits now the public sector will feel the hurt.

GAO report endorses cuts in U.S. Postal Service
By Ed O'Keefe
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, April 12, 2010

Conversation About Developing Forum Guidelines

Based on conversations yesterday and after reviewing some forum guidelines from other forums, I jotted down a list of general and specific guidlines as a starting point for discussion. It would be great if the ensuing conversation could focus on debating the merits (or lack thereof) of these items, as most of us at one time or another have violated one or more of the list below.

What is sexist/bigoted?

In an effort to get some type of discussion, I would love to hear a definition of sexist.

Why - Mostly because this site has slowed down, and I normally wouldn't post something like this, but found the subject semi-intriguing.

A column I wrote that is on the Toledo Free Press's website this weekend contained one simple line that clearly offended somebody.

Don't bother replying

Swamp Bubbles used to be a good place to get a feeling for what people think about events in the greater Toledo area, It appears that for the last few months the site has become a place for outright crazies and a__hats to expound their point of view. Too bad, it, was a good site to go to. Ta, Ta, for now. Don't bother replying as I will not be looking at it.

Wrong Tax Wrong Time - Opposing Issue 3 on May 4th Ballot

New website launched for grassroots effort opposing Issue 3 on the May 4th ballot. www.wrongtaxwrongtime.com and join us at facebook at wrongtaxwrongtime

Tyranny through Taxation: The Power of Few over Many

An interesting opinion piece by Dock David Treece.

With April 15th quickly approaching, we thought it appropriate to spend this week discussing taxes and current issues facing government cash flow in this country. We'd like to first preface our argument thus:

Toledo Blade to publish from stolen LCRP Chair notebook

Jeff Simpson Announced that He, and Others, Have been Approached by a Blade Reporter in Possession of Simpson’s Notebook filled with Confidential Republican Information.
Jeff Simpson, the Lucas County Republican Party Chairman, announced that he regretted that names of innocent people might be published in the Toledo Blade in an upcoming story.

have you completed your Census form and mailed it in?

BLATANT MEDIA ALERT- LCRP Head Jeff Simpson On WSPD Thursday MornIng

According to a release this afternoon a Blade reporter has approached Jeff Simpson with information taken from Mr. Simpson's personal notebook which went missing after a Young Republican meeting in February. The notebook was delivered to Tom Troy of the Blade. Simpson met with Troy and asked for the return of his property. So far only copies of certain notes have been returned.

This aint no tea party....