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IRS Plane Attacker Part of ‘Right Wing,’ Christmas Bomber Just a ‘Lone Wolf’

Todd Warner Houston on bigjournalism.com is taking on those in the journalistic community who are happy to label the nut who flew the plane into the Tex IRS building an extreme right winger while the underwear bomber is just a lone wolf, same with the base shooter; either the media should call them all lone wolf nut jobs or part of a bigger plan.


TPS says cuts to be "ugly", help make TPS beautiful again

This past week, I threatened to bring http://ideasfortps.com back to life after the host switchover this past summer and make it safer from spammers and now the Toledo Public Schools needs it more than ever especially trying to toss an almost 1% income tax increase on all of us. I uploaded some of the older ideas.

How did we become a nation of such angry people?

Are the recent actions of Amy Bishop and Andrew Slack a sign of the times or are they an aberration and no cause for alarm?

Franklin Park Mall Security

ts good their is more security at the mall. But this happened before a year ago or so. I would bet in a month or two the extra security will disappear until the next riot takes place.

Lucas County GOP precinct committee races

The Lucas County Republican Party will appear to have an interesting central committee election again. Of course some of the contested races are a bit strange, like Jon Stainbrook running against one of the Manson Girls Kelly Bensmen and there are a few other races of Stainbrook supporters challenging other Stainbrook supporters.

The Wolfman Institute of Rational Thinking Presents: "Justice for Sale"

~An investigation into how campaign cash is corrupting America's courts~
February 19, 2010

BOE films petition filings

Hmm, I wonder who they are referring to feeling mistreated.

The Lucas County Board of Elections (BOE) had a video camera running all day Feb.18, the deadline for May primary petitions.

Linda Howe, BOE director, said the camera tri-pod was set up in the morning to film the entire day, with switching of tapes periodically.

Buckeye Institute State of the State

Here is the 2010 Buckeye Institute State of the State. I will write some more about it in just a bit, but here it is now for your perusal.

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Black Swamp Conservancy Adds 1,000 Acres in 2009

Perrysburg, OH (February 19, 2010) Black Swamp Conservancy added eleven new protected properties totaling nearly 1,000 acres to its conservation holdings in 2009. That brings the Conservancy’s total protected lands to 8,363 acres.

The new properties, all protected through perpetual land conservation agreements with the Conservancy, include:

Mayor, Police Department and Westfield continue to work together for long-term solutions

Westfield Franklin Park officials this week reached out to the Mayor’s office and the Toledo Police Department to examine both short-term changes and long-term solutions to ensure safety and well being of the patrons and vendors at the shopping center following Saturday’s incident of youth violence.