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Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank issues false money appeal !

This was in the form of a mass mailing in today's mailstream. It is signed by Toledo Northwestern food bank president James Caldwell. They claim to need money to distribute food collected in the May 8 ' Stamp out Hunger ' letter carrier food drive .

Issue 5 , city funding issue, or Issue 3, school tax- any thoughts?

My comment-The city sould make the cuts it needs to , not take it from road repairs

Yes or No on Ohio Issue #1?


Contact: Lance Crandall 419-309-7040; email: lcranda1@gmail.com

5947 Fremont Pike, Stony Ridge OH. just outside Toledo Ohio

The World is Flat: 4 1/2 steaming piles out of 5

Thomas Friedman’s "The World is Flat" has been ubiquitously referenced in the last several years. Friedman is a hack.

Libertarian Wayne Allyn Root

Cool John Kasich video of him visiting the entire state

Teen who killed Toledo cop moved to Toledo prison

The teenager who shot and killed a Toledo Police detective Keith Dressel in 2007 has been moved from a juvenile facility in Columbus to the Toledo Correctional Institution, where he will serve the remainder of his sentence.

Candidates LIving In Abandoned Homes? Say It Isn't So John

In and e-mail from Jeff Simpson ..."Jeff Simpson, the Lucas County Republican Party Chairman, will hold a press conference outside the home of Stainbrook’s recruit in Ward/Precinct 17G. the house is abandoned, and vacant.

Robert Ekas ensures the freedom of American society