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Rep. Sears: Improve Medicaid, Save Tax Dollars

Offers testimony on cost-containment legislation to improve Medicaid system

Columbus—State Representative Barbara Sears (R-Sylvania) today offered sponsor testimony on House Bill 240, legislation that would fix inefficiencies in Ohio’s Medicaid system.

Child Abuse Prevention Month Essay Contest

Focus is on raising awareness of child abuse and neglect

(TOLEDO, Ohio - February 2, 2010) - Lucas County Children Services, the
governmental agency responsible for protecting children from abuse and
neglect, is sponsoring an essay contest open to all children in grades 7
and 8 in Lucas County.

Hateful Blade Readers

I recently had a letter of opinion published in the Blade. In it, I asked why liberals wanted us to butt out of other country's business (regarding Iraq and the Bush years) but now they want to get involved in rebuilding Haiti.

Metro Toledo buyers are loyal to Detroit 3

Brands snag 61% market share for '09, led by Ford

Waxman: Toyota Told Us Gas Pedals Were Not the Problem

In Strongly Worded Letter, Reps. Waxman and Stupak Suggest That in Private Toyota Execs Are Telling A Different Story About the Causes of Runaway Toyotas

Blade says groundhog predicts short winter everyone else says longer

Which is it. Why can't the Blade get things right.?

Freedom......a price too high?

" The cloak of freedom is saturated in the blood of Patriots".

Raging elephants boot camp !

Start: 2010-02-18 6:00 pm
Start: 2010-02-18 6:00 pm

Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani is the founder and chairman of RagingElephants.org.

This One You Oughta Tow Away! (TOYOTA)

Business is far from usual at Toyota dealership
Quote from article:
"Now, the staff has found itself the butt of jokes. Instead of cracks about General Motors' government bailout or Chrysler's collapse, friends now sent mocking text messages about sticky pedals and crashing cars. People at a grocery store snickered that Toyota stood for "This One You Oughta Tow Away.""

What is the real issue?

Is it a black /white issue, is it a male/female issue, is it a liberal /conservative issue, is it a Republican/ Democrat issue or is it really a black male president issue, that is causing the rabid, frenzy of provocative prose coming from the right AND left against President Barack Obama?