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Democraps = Depression

The economy isn't getting any better for the average citizen it is getting worse. The only ones
prospering from the incentives are the rich and the Democraps. Whats worse is the burden of paying for all this will be on the next generations of our children to pay back. All you idiots
thinking things are better with Obama better take a good hard look.

Background Checks Needed with Advent of Casinos

Issue 3 may open floodgates for criminals without proper regulations
COLUMBUS—House Republican Leader William G. Batchelder of Medina, today announced his commitment to safeguarding casino licenses and preventing individuals who have committed crimes in the past from obtaining a casino license, if Issue 3 is approved by voters this November.read more

No jobs= No recovery

Get a bat and turn the music up. Then cut up your credit cards and send them back from where they came with a big GFY message....and pull your money out of the big boys and put it in the local community bank...if you can find one. I love this guy. Lots of F-bombs so be ...

Blacks choose abortion

Abortion Kills More Black Americans Than the Seven Leading Causes of Death Combined, Says CDC Data
(CNSNews.com) –read more

Casino Property

Driving into Rossford I thought I saw a for sale sign on the property that was selected for the possible Casino. What's up with that?

Toledo: 3rd Muslim Terrorist Sentenced

Thankfully another terrorist plot by American Muslims, was stopped and the so called men convicted. Unfortunately though, as Muslim immigration increases we will be seeing more and more of these plots. Is this something that we want for our country? Of course not, please sign the end Muslim immigration petition. The future of our country is a stake.
 Toledo: 3rd ...

Open Letter to Superintendent John Foley, TPS Board President Bob Vasquez and TPD Chief Mike Navarre

Open Letter to Superintendent John Foley, TPS Board President Bob Vasquez and Chief of Police Mike Navarre.
Who is going to stand for children?read more

Barack Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years

Well no kidding? What's he done? (except of course winning an award for doing nothing, that is)

Issue 3 , yes or no ?

yes, it will create jobs, keep Ohioans in state to visit casinos

no , one out of state company gets monopoly with low fees, constitution change

Issue 3

One of the cons of issue 3, according to an ad, is that it kills jobs. They dont explain how that happens. Anyone have a clue what theyre talking about?