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Cafferty wonders if Pelosi feels pain citizens go through after all expense paid trip to climatefest

The most ethical Congress is turning into the worst Congress on many levels. Even Jack Cafferty is tired of it (listen to the very end).

BP faces protest over oil sands development

We need to pay attention to this brewing issue at BP. Toledo is supposed to be one of the main, mainland processors of oil sand crude and if there already is shareholder concern, what will happen to the future of the refinery in Oregon especially after they spend lots of money to convert it to process oil sand crude?

Mayor And Council To Hold Budget Working Meetings First Public Input Session Also Scheduled

Start: 2010-02-10 9:30 am
Start: 2010-02-10 9:30 am

The Mayor and City Council will continue to address the 2010 City Budget at a series of working mee

Is Jon busy or is he trying to avoid the Fire Marshal?

Back in December, when the Fire Marshal was called to the Lucas County Republican Party headquarters, they actually filled out a fire inspection report and there were building violations which had to be fixed.

Toyota's once-golden resale value gets dented

Toyota's once-golden resale value gets dented
By DAVE CARPENTER, AP Personal Finance Writer Dave Carpenter, Ap Personal Finance

Congressman Kucinich ... Focus on the Economy

Tom Waniewski's February 2010 Newsletter

New Bulk Pick Up Rules
Beginning Monday, Feb. 8th, you will need to call 48 business hours in advance of your regular refuse pick up if you have oversized or overloaded refuse. In other words, if it doesn't fit in the automated container, please call 419-936-2511 and call 48 business hours prior to your scheduled pick up.

New School in Old Foodtown?

Who will win the Super Bowl?

38% (10 votes)
62% (16 votes)
Total votes: 26

Mr. President

How things stand today

Mayor Bell wants to increase taxes. TPS wants more taxes. Ohio wants to raise taxes.
You can't park downtown without getting a parking ticket. I don't know what the attraction is