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Skeldon addresses local union crowd

Skeldon addresses local union crowd

Tom Skeldon addressed local mail carriers at their monthly meeting tonight.

Toyota Recall: New Questions About What the Motor Company Knew and When

Congressman Says Toyota Telling Different Stories in Public and Private

Granholm vs Strickland's State of State Speech Comparison

 Granholm's 2010 Michigan State of the State Speech

Story out of Perry HS, Massilon, OH.

Just ran across this news story,,, http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/02/03/ohio-high-school-accused-prom... ...those of you that will, go ahead and complain...e

Former Athens County Democrat chair Susan Gwinn threatens blogger with suit

You would think that in a college area you would have a higher number of smart people, but the former Democrat chair of Athens apparently has taken a page out of the Jon Stainbrook book of politics, which is to threaten lawsuits against those who you don't like in an attempt to bully them.

TPS levy: thoughts and analysis

This in from Steven Flagg of the Urban Coalition http://www.tpsinfo.org .
Tomorrow, February 4, 2010, the Toledo Board of Education meets in a special board meeting to, most likely, pass a resolution putting a levy on the May 4th primary election ballot.

Facts and Fiction About House Bill 428 - remove the $20 late license plate renewal fee

Over the past two months I have received many calls from constituents objecting to the new $20 late vehicle registration fee that was implemented by House Bill 2, the biennial transportation budget. When this fee was first brought to my attention during the debate on HB 2, I had to admit that I was perplexed.

If this proposed income tax increase passes my company is moving out of Toledo

I can't say who but it is a major employer in Downtown Toledo. This is so sad. I remember back in the 50's when downtown was booming. But times change and I agree with management it is time to make the move.

Mayor And Council To Hold Budget Working Meetings

Start: 2010-02-04 9:30 am
Start: 2010-02-04 9:30 am

The Mayor and City Council will continue to address the 2010 City Budget at a series of working mee

What is Phil Copeland up to Now?

I don't read the Blah. I keep hearing that Phil Copeland(d.-Toledo)has tried getting paid for meetings he hasn't attended, or something along those lines. Maybe someone can tell me the gist of some comments he recently made about the subject, as I cannot begin to understand what he said on several clips being played on the radio and TV.