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Roll Call: PMA investigation outcome is suspicious - the questions

As you all know, you will only get the full story on the PMA scandal here. Roll Call has the latest chapter in the book which you can read below.


Where do you redeem your bubble points. Are there some nice prizes?

Right Wing Health Care Hate Mongers

Teachers' salaries online . Look up your school district

You may be surprised .
OhioCASB is proud to sponsor the April 15th Project, viewable at OpenOhio.org.

OpenOhio pledges to publish, by April 15, budgets, checkbooks and salaries for all of the 3,000 primary local governments (or taxing jurisdictions) in the state of Ohio.

American Al Queda Terrorist-CAUGHT!

Looks like an American born terrorist got caught-in Pakistan. He's currently being "questioned" by Pakistani intelligence officers(who have a good working relationship with the CIA). It is also reported he's the first American charged with treason(2006)in the last 50 years. He's made several videos urging American Moslems to attack the US.

Toledo likely will face Financial Emergency


Its sad but the sooner Toledo solves its problems the better it is for the city and its citizens.

Bailout assistance turns profit

The Treasury turned a handsome profit on Bank of America warrants

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Mad Jack's Shack

The following is a public service announcement, courtesy of Chris.

After a few minutes of agonizing over my morning Bourbon I decided to start my own Blog, just to see what happens. If you're bored or curious, point your browser at Mad Jack's Shack and be amused for a while.

My thanks to Chris for the advertisement.

Coffee party at Sherri's coffee house

Sat March 13 NOON to 2PM
Whittlesey Ave Across for city hall
Norwalk, OH 44857
Join us to help launch the Coffee Party Movement. Just meet to be Friends of the coffee movement casual conversation and maybe we can change the world.Too make it a more just world.

Will you vote to approve the TPS Levy?

Yes - Its for the Children
29% (38 votes)
No - they don't provide a quality education for the students they get enough money