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Obama's Big Sellout (MUST READ)

Obama's Big Sellout
The president has packed his economic team with Wall Street insiders intent on turning the bailout into an all-out giveaway

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Climate story should have run in the Blade

Jack Lessenberry actually says the Blade missed something-the climategate e-mails.


Your ombudsman thinks Mr. Haase is right about one thing; The newspaper should have run coverage of this story. A search of back issues of the newspaper turned up no mention of the controversy, other than an editorial and an aside in a column by Ann McFeatters.

House Republicans Anticipate Vote on House Bill 318

Columbus – In preparation of a vote on House Bill 318 State Representative William G. Batchelder (R-Medina) releases the following radio statement:

Should Ottawa Hills continue with the plan to control the deer population?

Latest Blade changes

It is a disappointment that Editor and Publisher is shutting its doors. They were always a good source of information on the Blade. While they are closing up shop, here is the latest on the changes at the Blade. I have not watched the local coverage of the changes, but there are a few more positions discussed in this report than just Kushma.


Can Cincinnati overtake OSU as Ohio's top team?

Fox Sports Ohio is asking that question. Will the Cincinnati Bearcats finish higher than Ohio State in the rankings and can they maintain it? Will the Bearcats be able to maintain their momentum into the future? Of course this was written right before Kelly accepted a job at Notre Dame but they still have a strong foundation. Could this be the birth of two major Ohio Football teams?

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Kaptur says yes to raising debt limit, Latta says no

One has to wonder why Marcy complains about China owning a bunch of our debt when she 1. gets 3.5 billion to vote yes on cap-and-trade, 2. raises the debt limit to continue to finance out-of-control spending. But who ever said she made sense? Bob Latta does not support raising the cap, below is his reason.

More local names come up in the Burns (former TPS leader) embezzlement scandal

Another local name name is now involved in the Burns scandal, Steve Cotner who performed background investigations. In Cleveland he performed 20k of services which were not rendered. One has to wonder if he was related to another Sander's employee Craig Cotner who was one time district academic officer.