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Photojournalism Ethics: Pathos and Fakery

In a truly righteous world (a world where bankers go to jail, American Idol isn’t fixed, and Thomas Friedman buys a thesaurus), photography in news publications would serve only two purposes: either to draw attention to a printed story, or to illuminate and bring impact to the written word.

Lucas County Commissioner Primary Debate for the Democrats

Start: 2010-04-19 6:30 pm
Start: 2010-04-19 6:30 pm

CoL prides itself on being non-partisan.

TPS question

I heard a guy say on the radio this morning that TPS teachers get 3.5-4 sick days OVER THE SUMMER, and that if eliminated, it could save TPS somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000?

Does that even make any sense??

Annual pro- life fair . Over 20 organizations present and display their stuff

Start: 2010-04-18 1:00 pm
End: 2010-04-18 4:00 pm

Tax day rally in Perrysburg 4/15/10

Tax day  rally in Perrysburg   4/15/10

An estimated 300 people crowded in front of the Perry monument on River rd in Perrysburg

PAC Fundraiser for Kaptur

Start: 2010-04-28 6:30 pm
Start: 2010-04-28 6:30 pm

Sunlight Foundation published this great PAC event for Marcy Kaptur.

Government should take over airlines

Back in the day before airline regulation the plane would be on time, the plane was not crowded, meals were served with silverware even in coach and there was no charge for baggage whether carry on or checked. Flight attendants were nice looking females. Now you are faced with numerous fees with making reservations, planes are usually always crowded and late.

Obama's Deal

With all the misinformation about the recently passed Health-care Reform bill this program gives a fair assessment in a time-line fashion of the events that led to its passage. Whether a progressive or a Tea Party Libertarian this program will give new insight of our political system. Your government at work.

TPS' Romulus Durant pitches levy to Arlington ave neighborhood group

He came to our meeting tonight, says he oversees principals . He was asked , why do do principals need overseers , and why is TPS so top heavy at HQ ? How much do you make ? He said 81 K , and he would make 200 K in NY ! What a lame answer to give in tough times. He said they are getting a 13 million dollar funding cut from Columbus.

The private sector has downsized its pay & benefits now the public sector will feel the hurt.

GAO report endorses cuts in U.S. Postal Service
By Ed O'Keefe
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, April 12, 2010