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Kaptur says yes to raising debt limit, Latta says no

One has to wonder why Marcy complains about China owning a bunch of our debt when she 1. gets 3.5 billion to vote yes on cap-and-trade, 2. raises the debt limit to continue to finance out-of-control spending. But who ever said she made sense? Bob Latta does not support raising the cap, below is his reason.

More local names come up in the Burns (former TPS leader) embezzlement scandal

Another local name name is now involved in the Burns scandal, Steve Cotner who performed background investigations. In Cleveland he performed 20k of services which were not rendered. One has to wonder if he was related to another Sander's employee Craig Cotner who was one time district academic officer.

750 Square Feet of Solar Power per Hour

After three years of researching, developing, fund-raising, and expanding, Toledo solar tech start-up Xunlight Corp. grew up yesterday by delivering its first shipment of commercially manufactured solar modules. It went to the University of Toledo, the institution that played a significant role in the company's birth.

Western Firms Move R&D, Other Assets To Growing China

Western Firms Move R&D, Other Assets To Growing China
Doug Tsuruoka , On Monday December 14, 2009, 7:08 pm EST

Parallels to FDR's treatment of Business in the 30s

Just read an interesting op-ed piece in Bloomberg by Amity Shlaes that draws parallels between what the Federal Govt is doing to business now and what FDR and company did to business in the 1930's. This is worth the read.

Wilkowski joins energy law firm

Toledo, Ohio. Keith Wilkowski, a leading local government lawyer and most recently Toledo mayoral candidate, has joined the law firm of Marshall & Melhorn, LLC, as a Member. Mr. Wilkowski will chair the firm’s newly established Advanced Energy and Green Initiatives Practice Group. The announcement was made by Thomas P.

Catastrophe. Devastation.

State budget cuts would devastate Toledo area schools, superintendents say
Catastrophe. Devastation.


Changes Caused By Continuing Financial Pressure, Property
Tax Receipts And State And Federal Tax Revenues Will Be Lower

Bell To Hold First Meeting With Transition Team

Mayor Elect Michael P. Bell will today meet with his full transition team and set to work on identifying a framework for evaluating and implementing his platform and achieving the goals he has set for his first 90-days in office.