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Kaptur delivers health care Judas kiss

Great letter in the Toledo Free Press this week.

Tea Partiers Mock And Scorn Apparent Parkinson's Victim

Reps. Maag and Sears applaud Senate legislation to protect health care decisions

Columbus—State Representatives Ron Maag (R-Lebanon) and Barbara Sears (R-Maumee) today released the following statement applauding Senate action to preserve the freedom of Ohioans to make their own health care decisions:

Rep. Sears participated in Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Day at the Statehouse

COLUMBUS— State Representative Barbara Sears (R- Maumee) today expressed her support for those suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) by participating in MS Awareness Day at the Statehouse.

Adopt America and Lucas County Children Services Support Adoptive Families

(TOLEDO - March 24, 2010) – Lucas County Children Services (LCCS) and Adopt America Network are teaming up to provide support for adoptive families in Northwest Ohio.

Lucas County Board of Elections seeking Poll Workers for Election Day

The Lucas County Board of Elections is looking for a few good people to work the polls during the Primary on Tuesday May 4, 2010 and at the November 2, 2010 General Election. The position of Poll Judge pays $120 and requires attendance at one paid training class.

Rich Iott / Jack Smith talk about the issues in race for 9th District

Iott started out , saying he is upset at what is going on in our government and no one is listening . He serves in the Ohio Military Reserve as a colonel. Smith was a US Marine for 22 years, serving in Vietnam and Desert Storm. Both men spoke highly of the U.S.

Politcal terror in the heartland!

An undercover look inside the tea party radicals.

What concessions?

Toledo Police and Fire are voting on temporary cuts that will be repaid next year. Where are the concessions? Do us taxpayers get a temporary increase in taxes on this proposed levy'? Ha! Ha!, No way the new levy will be forever and a day. Toledoan's wake up and smell the coffee vote these levy's DOWN! This town needs to go bankrupt to right itself.

Hospitals across the country reporting people demanding their Obamacare

One local hospital said a patient came in to a outpatient clinic and wanted her whole body scanned for cancer. When told she needed a doctor order and her insurance would not cover it she got upset and said "Did you know Obama signed the law and everything is covered for free?".