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Rich Iott / Jack Smith talk about the issues in race for 9th District

Iott started out , saying he is upset at what is going on in our government and no one is listening . He serves in the Ohio Military Reserve as a colonel. Smith was a US Marine for 22 years, serving in Vietnam and Desert Storm. Both men spoke highly of the U.S.

Politcal terror in the heartland!

An undercover look inside the tea party radicals.

What concessions?

Toledo Police and Fire are voting on temporary cuts that will be repaid next year. Where are the concessions? Do us taxpayers get a temporary increase in taxes on this proposed levy'? Ha! Ha!, No way the new levy will be forever and a day. Toledoan's wake up and smell the coffee vote these levy's DOWN! This town needs to go bankrupt to right itself.

Hospitals across the country reporting people demanding their Obamacare

One local hospital said a patient came in to a outpatient clinic and wanted her whole body scanned for cancer. When told she needed a doctor order and her insurance would not cover it she got upset and said "Did you know Obama signed the law and everything is covered for free?".

Who Is More Effective At Getting Conservatives Elected?

This is why reform is needed- Toledo Blade

The Toledo Blade March 24, 2010
This is why reform is needed

TPS Budget Cuts

Toledo school board told plan shuts Libbey even if levy wins
Vote on cuts delayed as more details sought

A resolution presented to the Toledo school board last night calls for South Toledo's Libbey High School to be shuttered — whether or not voters approve a 0.75 percent tax on earned income on the May 4 ballot.

Toledo Blade spelling error makes headlines

Spelling error makes Wall Street Journal's best of the Web, the Wall Street Journal has a moment of fun....

He's Luckey the Blade Can't Spell Any Better Than He Can
"Luckey Teen Wins Blade Spelling Bee"--headline, Toledo Blade, March 18

Maybe Obamacare Only Temporary?

Here's food for thought. Suppose after the Midterm election, the House refuses to fund this Mother of All Bills? Since all appropriations bills originate in the House, seems to me it will die on the vine, as they say.

Rich Iott: "Only In Washington, and Only to Career Politicians, Does This Health Care Bill Make Sense."

Following today's signing of the health care bill by President Obama, Republican Rich Iott, candidate for Ohio's 9th congressional seat, issued the following statement: