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ANOTHER company that is "too big to fail"! Quick! THROW MONEY AT THEM!

One of the largest companies of it's kind in America, Blockbuster Video may file for bankruptcy. AREN'T THEY "TOO BIG TO FAIL"?

Blockbuster Says May File for Bankruptcy

By Joseph Woelfel 03/17/10 - 12:44 AM EDT 

Man shot at market had a criminal record

Keep up the good work shop keepers. Lets get rid of these bums. The courts don't.

The Independent Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur takes on the Obama Administration.

The president's top economic advisers took some heat today over jobs and the economy from both parties. At a House hearing, Republican Jerry Lewis of California charged, the administration is spending and taxing too much. And Democrat Marcy Kaptur of Ohio complained, the president's aides were out of touch, as unemployment in parts of Ohio tops 15 percent.

The Anonymous Blogger Wolfman Presents: Michael Moore

Travis Smiley Show
March 15, 2010
Tavis: Tonight, though, we kick off this week with - there he is - Michael Moore. The Oscar-willing filmmaker out with his DVD for "Capitalism: A Love Story." The new version features more than 80 minutes of extended and deleted scenes. Here now a look at "Capitalism: A Love Story."

State Government Should Be Accountable to the Taxpayers

In the words of the President Ronald Reagan, “Governments tend to not solve problems, only to rearrange them.”

Grant Aims to Improve Public Safety by Supporting Ex-offenders

(TOLEDO, OH - March 12, 2010) – Prisoners who are being released back to Lucas County from state prisons are getting support that could help them remain law abiding and less likely to committing more crimes that could send them back behind bars.

Libertarian night with the children of liberty group !

Libertarian candidates came to the Maumee library last night 3/15. They have a full slate of candidates , even a primary runoff with 2 candidates for US Congress district 9 !

Whats more important this week

Passing Health Care
18% (10 votes)
49% (27 votes)
NCAA Tournament

City Issues Layoff Notices

"Plan B" to balance the budget would result in severe cuts to parks and public safety

Lucas County Board of Elections seeking Poll Workers for Election Day

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