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Kaptur votes to raise debt limit - will soon commence complaining about foreigners owning too much American debt

Thankfully the Atlanta Journal Constitution has a habit of printing votes on major issues that come up before Congress. Well, we now know Kaptur voted yes to raise the debt limit.

Even Kaptur doubts train line

Even Marcy Kaptur wonders why bother with the train route Ohio just received. Kaptur comments to the Plain Dealer:
"Why are we bothering with something that's low-tech?" asked congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, Democrat of Toledo, in an interview with The Plain Dealer.

Big allegations in a little town. Council woman won Waterville council rate with fraudulent votes?

Ann Cherry's daughters are alleged to have fraudulently voted for their mom. That is not good and there is some interesting evidence - Linkedin. Toledo Free Press has the rest:

Closure? Signature forgery decision within 30 days

We will finally hear the end of the forgery situation. There is a witness to the event and it only involved Jon and one of the Manson girls. Someone will have problems. Something will come out of it, either criminally or through the Ohio Elections Commission.
A decision on whether to move forward with the Lucas County Republican Party

McConnell Raised Big Bucks From Foreign Defense Contractor Probed For Bribery

NEWS ALERT: Toyota owners may face court if in car crash

GOP Senator blocks all Obama nominees until he gets his pork.

I wonder if all the conservatives who bashed Nelson will be up in arms over this? I wonder if Beck will call Shelby a whore? Well of course not, that’s not how it works…

Report: Shelby Blocks All Obama Nominations In The Senate Over AL Earmarks

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Dangers of TOTUS....

Ohio Supreme Court rules against Toledo Public Schools and Lucas County in Michaelmas Manor valuation

Toledo Public Schools and Lucas County appear to wanted to try to dismiss a request to lower property values of Michaelmas Manor by 1 million on a technicality. Ohio Supreme Court says not so fast.