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BOE films petition filings

Hmm, I wonder who they are referring to feeling mistreated.

The Lucas County Board of Elections (BOE) had a video camera running all day Feb.18, the deadline for May primary petitions.

Linda Howe, BOE director, said the camera tri-pod was set up in the morning to film the entire day, with switching of tapes periodically.

Buckeye Institute State of the State

Here is the 2010 Buckeye Institute State of the State. I will write some more about it in just a bit, but here it is now for your perusal.

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Black Swamp Conservancy Adds 1,000 Acres in 2009

Perrysburg, OH (February 19, 2010) Black Swamp Conservancy added eleven new protected properties totaling nearly 1,000 acres to its conservation holdings in 2009. That brings the Conservancy’s total protected lands to 8,363 acres.

The new properties, all protected through perpetual land conservation agreements with the Conservancy, include:

Mayor, Police Department and Westfield continue to work together for long-term solutions

Westfield Franklin Park officials this week reached out to the Mayor’s office and the Toledo Police Department to examine both short-term changes and long-term solutions to ensure safety and well being of the patrons and vendors at the shopping center following Saturday’s incident of youth violence.

Forbes Magazine lists Toledo No. 15 as Most Miserable Cities

Another sad accolade for Toledo. Maybe someday things will get better.


Remaining anti-whatever accomplishes nothing

Toledo Blade
Article published February 18, 2010
By Marilou Johanek

Judge rules against Jon Stainbrook...again

This just in from Michael Miller of the Toledo Free Press: Like all of the other courts Jon has tried to argue his case in, they are all saying the same thing. Why is it that Jon does not want to bring his case to the Ohio Republican Party? Is he afraid of the result? Thankfully we can move on with this now that Judge Doneghy has ruled. When the story is posted, I will go ahead and link to it.

David Kushma explains why editorials are not signed

While other major newspapers, like the Atlanta Journal Constitution do sign their editorials, David Kushma defends the Toledo Blade's stance. Some interesting tidbits:
There's a simple explanation, for those who are willing to hear it.

Bunch of Rankings - Toledo and Lucas County rank low

There have been a bunch of rankings recently and Toledo did not fair too well. Here is the rundown:

Gallup ranks Toledo as one of the lower cities in well being in Ohio, and in the country.

Fed up and ticked off by government

Sad, but here's a guy who just snapped dealing with the bureaucracy and government. He should have found a better way out, but I sympathize with him.

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