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Tea-Baggers afraid of Kaptur?

The Tea-Baggers' hit list was revealed. There are several Ohio Democrats on this list....but no Marcy Kaptur??? What's the matter Colonel Sanders? Chicken??


Obama's teleprompter fails

I think that I am reading this right...

Just got a look at this post from the AP...

A Teleprompter-For Speech To Elementary Scholol Kids?

Foreign Money in American Politics?

Foreign Money in American Politics?
Some Say Supreme Court's Decision in Citizens United Case Has Opened New Path

Why isnt the woman who killed the 15 year old girl with her SUV not in jail?

It does not make sense. The investigation is done. It was found that the school bus was stopped with its flashing lights on. Erie is a 2 lane highway so the law requires everyone to stop when a school bus flashing lights are on.

This woman should be charged. Does she know someone and is getting special treatment.
Sure is curious.

Tea Party Fraud

Who is Ellie light?...

Unless you've been under a rock all weekend....you know that the internet once again illustrates why the dinosaur media is dying...and why the liberals want to prop up a state media in it's place....

Who is Ellie Light?

The decline: The Geography of a Recession

Here is an interesting time lapse of the unemployment rates by counties from January 2007 (4.6%) thru November 2009 (9.0%) . SAD and MAD!


Perfect example of the insider and the outsider school debate, the Detroit Public Schools

This interview happened last month and caused a controversy when Shepard Smith said he would burn down the Detroit Public Schools if he was a parent there. Watch the whole segment and you will see where Shepard Smith's outrage is justified, yet this situation occurs here in Toledo.