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El Tiempo: Year-End Numbers Show Toledo’s Economy In A Deepening Crisis

Toledo’s economy continues to struggle mightily, based on year-end numbers released by agencies that assist the unemployed and working poor. But officials on the front lines of the fight against poverty say many families are giving up hope and struggling even more as a result.

El Tiempo Story: 2009 Foreclosure Numbers Show Mixed Picture

El Tiempo Article by Kevin Milliken
Lucas County’s 2009 foreclosure numbers show more properties continue to fall prey to the poor economy, but fewer homeowners are losing the biggest investment of their lives to a sheriff’s sale. It’s a mixed picture that suggests local foreclosure prevention efforts are succeeding, banks are giving up on situations that can’t be resolved—or both.

Toledo Public School Board Meeting-Transparency Where?

I witnessed the Toledo Public School Board of Education meeting tonight and it was a barrel of laughs, around the "horseshoe" many concerns by myself and other spectators and maybe violations of the sunshine laws, by the board members. But then what do you expect, that was how Three for Children was born, Larry Sykes (he's baacck), Deborah Barnett and Steve Steel.

Judge Cosme Files Petitions To Retain Seat

Judge Keila D. Cosme of the Sixth District Court of Appeals will file her petitions to retain her seat on the Court of Appeals today at 2:30 p.m. at the Board of Elections on the Third Floor of One Government Center.

Super Bowl Ad - Tebow's mom chose life !

This is stirring some controversy already. The Tebows have a story . They are making a difference for good in this world

Toyota halts US sales of 8 recalled vehicle models

Strickland’s Address Leaves Many With Questions

House Republicans fill in the blanks of the governor’s State of the State address

Columbus—Following Gov. Strickland’s State of the State address, Rep. Barbara Sears (R-Sylvania) delivered the following remarks:

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Lynn B. Jacobs and the Rev. Martin Otto Zimmann join Lucas County Children Services Board


Lynn B. Jacobs and the Rev. Martin Otto Zimmann join Lucas County
Children Services Board

(TOLEDO, OH — January 26, 2010) The Lucas County Commissioners have
appointed Lynn B. Jacobs and the Rev. Martin Otto Zimmann to the Lucas
County Children Services (LCCS) Board of Trustees.

Toledo - This town needs an enema!

No words ever spoken are truer - Batman the Joker (Jack Nicholson)

Capitalism's woes cheered at World Social Forum

Capitalism's woes cheered at World Social Forum
By ALAN CLENDENNING, Associated Press Writer Alan Clendenning, Associated Press Writer
Tue Jan 26, 1:28 am ET