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Obama extends Patriot Act

What are dems thinking now? They lambasted Bush about the Patriot Act citing violation of privacy. Now, their savior Mr. Obama extends it.

Yikes..anyone know anybody in Hawaii right now?


8.8 earthquake in Chile. Hopefully this doesn't turn out as bad as it appears...

Jon says the Toledo Fire Department caused delay

In the article in today's Blade, Jon is saying the Fire Department caused the delay and even suggested they were in cahoots with the Jeff Simpson faction to get the meeting closed down. You can see in the story a clearer picture of what went on (view the full story). I wanted to provide some more background now that I see how the article went and Jon's take on the event.

Latest Stainbrook news: Bullet dodged and petitions filed

Prosecutor drops GOP signature fraud case
Cuyahoga County Special Prosecuting Attorney James A. Gutierrez released a report Feb. 26 in which he stated, “criminal prosecution is not appropriate” in the GOP signature fraud investigation.

Kaptur cleared of wrongdoing by ethics committee

The House of Representatives Ethics Committee has cleared 7 lawmakers, of wrongdoing in the PMA Scandal-including Kaptur. So, Congress clears their own saying there was no evidence of asking for votes. One has to wonder what questions they asked.

City Unions reject Mayor Bell's Concessions

Unionized Toyota?

Some thoughts as "Toyota week" kicks off on Capitol Hill:
By Mike Thompson (Blog)
http://www.freep.com/article/20100224/BLOG24/100223068/0/celebrate/Toyot... (MORE)

Tea Partys in Britain!

Well, well, well--Great Britain is having its' first Tea Party, this Saturday. What's this about? King Georges' payback? No, I believe "INGSOC'' is in it's death throes, finally.

Healthcare Summit your thoughts and Latta's thoughts

Rep. Sears continues the fight for jobs and economic growth

Columbus—This is 2010, and Ohio's new job-rich economy is on the horizon! State Representative Barbara Sears (R-Sylvania) recently announced her candidacy to return to the 46th Ohio House District seat in 2011.