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Mayor’s CSI To Meet On Budget

The Citizen’s Special Investigation (CSI) of the City of Toledo budget will begin on Monday, January 25 at 4:30 p.m. in the Large Conference Room on the 22nd Floor of Government Center. The media is invited to attend the meeting.

Bell should go after Carty for the $450,000 he cost the city

If Toledo is in such dire straights why don't Mayor Bell go after Carty for the the money
he cost the city to settle the lawsuits? Bell is putting everything else on the table including
raising taxes. Carty had a lot to do with creating this budget mess in the first place.

Bates asks Ohio Secretary of State to step in into the Republican party leadership question Toledo

In the Blade:
After weeks of confusion in the Lucas County Republican Party over who’s in charge, Lucas County Prosecutor Julia Bates Thursday said the dispute is tying the Lucas County Board of Election in knots and asked Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to step in.

Public school teacher absenteeism declines when principals have more control

I thought this is worth mentioning, especially here in Toledo.
ANN ARBOR, Mich.—Public school teachers took less time off when principals had more flexibility to dismiss them without completing elaborate documentation or attending a hearing, one of two new University of Michigan studies shows.

Air America goes down in flames....


It is with the greatest regret, on behalf of our Board, that we must announce that Air America Media is ceasing its live programming operations as of this afternoon, and that the Company will file soon under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code to carry out an orderly winding-down of the business.

Carl Rove meets with Simpson faction

See Free Press site for photos.
Karl Rove met with Jeff Simpson and other area Republicans before the Lincoln Day Dinner on Jan. 21.

Less than a month in office and Mike Bell wants a tax hike

I'm sorry Toledo, but Mike Bell made his bones as a democrat. I don't know why he didn't choose to run as a democrat, but I never believed that he wouldn't govern as one. Today he asked those of you left in the city who actually pay income taxes to pay more. From 2.25% to 2.5%. But it's only "temporary".

Supreme Court rolls back campaign spending limits


Inclement Weather Service Currently Being Offered

Toledo, Ohio ? The Toledo Area Regional Paratransit Service, TARPS, already is the nation’s second fastest growing transit service specifically for persons with disabilities and the fastest growing such service in Ohio. Plans and activities in place will advance this heavily used service even more.

City Looks To Settle Two Improper Termination Lawsuits Settlements for Griffin and Morehead moved to City Council for action

Mayor Michael P. Bell today sent legislation to Toledo City Council tentatively agreeing to settle two disputed claims alleging improper termination. While the liability has been denied the administration feels the settlement is in the best interest of the City.