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Mayor sends budget proposal to City Council Includes legislation for contract alterations

Mayor Michael P. Bell today sent a balanced budget proposal to council for consideration. The recommendations include:
- approximately $10 million in expenditure reductions,
- elimination of income tax reciprocity for those working outside of the city,
- an 8% sports and event tax,

Support, Investment in Health Care Jobs Crucial to Economy

Health industry growth slows, hospital tax costs jobs
Although one of the key features of the health care industry is its ability to withstand economic cycles, Ohio’s public policy agenda must make investments in health care to keep the state’s economy growing. Ohio’s health care industry is one of the few sectors with strong growth potential for the future.

Tricia Lyons weds radio talk show host

Rusty Humphries of Seattle and Tricia wed in Hawaii. Tricia was the organizer of the first Tea Party in Toledo. She ran for city council after that with Teamwork Toledo.

City Councilman Tom Waniewski's March Newsletter

Secor Road Paving Update - Informational Meeting

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Toledo owes Police / Firefighters $2.8 million in comp time

I find it ironic that City Council is upset with the fact the Police and Fire employees are cashing in their comp time. Its in their contract and they are entitled to it. If City Council did not want them to have it why did the council members approve the contract? Who can blame them to take it now with the city heading toward receivership and bankruptcy.

Stay classy Rich Iott

Wow, I’m not sure which is classier Iott.

The 10+ minute push poll you’re conducting where you ask such insightful questions like “Who you’re most likely vote for in the next election. 1 – Marcy Kaptur who voted for destructive health care legislation or 2 – Rich Iott who worked his way up to CEO and President of a local company.”

Board of Community Relations meeting to honor Robert Brundage

Start: 2010-03-04 6:00 pm
Start: 2010-03-04 6:00 pm

The executives and members of the Board of Community Relations (BCR) voted unanimously to begin tal

Obama extends Patriot Act

What are dems thinking now? They lambasted Bush about the Patriot Act citing violation of privacy. Now, their savior Mr. Obama extends it.

Yikes..anyone know anybody in Hawaii right now?


8.8 earthquake in Chile. Hopefully this doesn't turn out as bad as it appears...

Jon says the Toledo Fire Department caused delay

In the article in today's Blade, Jon is saying the Fire Department caused the delay and even suggested they were in cahoots with the Jeff Simpson faction to get the meeting closed down. You can see in the story a clearer picture of what went on (view the full story). I wanted to provide some more background now that I see how the article went and Jon's take on the event.