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ToledoLiberty today! Will not want to miss this liberty filled newsworthy event!

TOLEDO, OH— Toledo's biggest second annual Liberty festival is taking shape and has an official date. This festival is ToledoLiberty! ToledoLiberty is a gathering of the liberty minded community and will be one of the largest events of its kind in the whole state.

Reply fixed?

Are you still not seeing the reply function? There were some server problems recently and I am using some aggressive cache - but please chime in if you still don't see the reply function. Unfortunately, last week was a very busy week for me and I had just about 0 time to do anything on the site over the last 10 days.


PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT – We the People will be holding an election for the reinstating of the Common Law Grand Jury here in Lucas County, on April 19, 2014, at Sanger Branch Library, 3030 West Central Avenue, beginning at 1:00 PM and ending at 2:00 PM.

The good news about 8 zillion people signing up for Obamacare on the last day

Just as Obama was counting on the stupidity of Americans to elect him President (and they didn't disappoint him--twice!) he knew that he could rely on the dinosaur media to get out the propaganda on what a success Obamacare turned out to be (and for those same ignorant Americans to believe it).

Is the Atomicclown a racist, too?

I have a problem with this:
" Submitted by AnonymousCoward on Tue, 2014-04-01 16:38.

Hopefully you're telling DTOM to knock it off, because boy, he's making you right-wingers look bad with his antics all over the front page. He's going to be the next Coon da Loon."

Referring to Forum Member like this is, sadly, typical of a person suffering from Social Conduct Disorder.

Glenn Beck's Getting Sued.

This was bound to happen.

Obamacare Voter Registration Cards Pre-Marked Democratic Party

Do you really need to read the story? If they ran on the truth they would never win again.

Obama lauds health care sign-ups of over 7 million

Bullshit!!!!!!!!! What else would they say. Even some insurance companies are saying the numbers are inflated. Premiums will keep climbing .The CBO said tthat in 2014, 47 million Americans will remain uninsured.

The cancer industry (part II)

The following link is regarding the late Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse. There is some explanatory preface, and then an "Interview with Dr. Glum", a chiropractor who wrote a book about nurse Caisse and an old Ojibway remedy she used (under supervision) for late stage cancer victims who had been told they were terminal and untreatable by doctors.

Do you find it refreshing that Fred Lefebvre has now limited his postings on SwampBubbles?

Yes his alleged race baiting for ratings was wearing thin.
67% (24 votes)
No I love his FoxNews perpective of the world.