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Johnny Manziel Down to 128th on the Depth Chart

This is just too damn funny for a guy like me.

A Balk!!! Unbelieveable!!!

I can't imagine listening to this guy describe his daughter's ballet recital or his brother's appendectomy.

Net Neutrality Today: Take It Away, Senator

Taking the easy way out today by letting Senator Al Franken of Minnesota have the podium.

Net Neutrality Today: Steve Wozniak Addresses The FCC.

But first, gus weighs in.

"Calling this new proposal "net neutrality" is like called Plessy v. Ferguson "civil rights" - Yes, it was about equal civil rights but was saying "no" to having them."

I Am Not Sure What Is More Disturbing.

That a man pulled down his pants, thereby exposing his privates, and then proceeded to hump an ATM machine and a picnic table, or that a reporter described said humping as "sexual intercourse."

Net Neutrality Today: Congress On The Take

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone familiar with this space, but Congresspeoples are making serious jack from the cable/broadband industry.

Monday Morning Humor

It feels especially good to have a belly laugh on a Monday morning.

Net Neutrality Today: Comcast + Time-Warner

The entire arena of telecomms, escalating lobbying, Congress on the take, legal monopolies, exorbitant cable fees, content throttling and so on fascinates me, and not in a good way. I imagine most of you are either bored by the notion or could not care less.

YouTube Saturday: Net Neutrality Explained

The FCC is in the process of drafting new rules regarding the "free and open internet" that we all want. Well, all of us except for the Internet Service Providers (ISP) who are looking to build upon their empires.

I’m Movin’ On

Kissing Suzy Kolber reveals a brief study of the past 21 Cleveland Browns QBs.

A common refrain among the powers that be in Mistakeville.