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Memorial Day

It is always nice to get a three-day weekend but let us not forget that there is a reason behind this day. This day of honoring the fallen was originally called Decoration Day. It wasn't changed to Memorial Day until after WWII.

Memorial Day

Net Neutrality Today: The Comcast Lobby

I think this story tells you all you need to know about the "public good" the proposed Comcast-Time Warner merger will do.

YouTube Saturday: Morgan Freeman + Helium

I have a certain fondness for this sort of thing.

Landon Donovan

I think it is fair to say that Landon Donovan has been the one recognizable face to most Americans thinking about World Cup soccer. The United States Men's National Team will not include Donovan this time around, although at age 32 and healthy, one has to at least wonder why.

Roots Friday: Get Down River

Going a little more modern age this week, so the notion really is Roots (Revival) Friday. This is not a roots song in the letter of roots music, but it is roots-ish in the sense that The Bottle Rockets here, hailing from Missouri, brought back the roots music from the basin they were raised.

Johnny Manziel Down to 128th on the Depth Chart

This is just too damn funny for a guy like me.

A Balk!!! Unbelieveable!!!

I can't imagine listening to this guy describe his daughter's ballet recital or his brother's appendectomy.

Net Neutrality Today: Take It Away, Senator

Taking the easy way out today by letting Senator Al Franken of Minnesota have the podium.

Net Neutrality Today: Steve Wozniak Addresses The FCC.

But first, gus weighs in.

"Calling this new proposal "net neutrality" is like called Plessy v. Ferguson "civil rights" - Yes, it was about equal civil rights but was saying "no" to having them."

I Am Not Sure What Is More Disturbing.

That a man pulled down his pants, thereby exposing his privates, and then proceeded to hump an ATM machine and a picnic table, or that a reporter described said humping as "sexual intercourse."